Book Recommendation by Connor Au Yueng (3E 2013/14)

Good morning, everyone. I am Connor Au Yeung from 3E.

What comes into your mind when I mention the word 'Rome'? Some say that Rome is an empire built upon military might and politics while some imagine legions or the Colosseum.

However, when participating in the Cross Curriculum Project organized by the English and Integrated Humanities panel, I read a book with the same name-'Rome'. From my experience reading it, I have gained many but little. For example, many European languages spawned themselves from the Roman language or Latin, such as German, French and many others, the most noticeable being English. Also, Romans have been one of the pioneers in the field of hydraulic engineering-it is pleasantly amazing to know that aqueducts have been built to transport fresh water to Rome and its territories. Besides, sewage systems were designed to prevent contamination of River Tiber.

Some of you may be skeptical whether the book is riddled with words which are hard to understand. Here it is safe to say the book conveys useful and interesting parts of Roman history in a reader-friendly way.

During the project, I collaborated with my classmates on an assignment-a presentation on the Roman Empire. We decided to present the reason for the Roman Empire's rise by introducing the concept 'Hard Power' and 'Soft Power', meaning military, economic and cultural influence respectively. Although we are willing to finish the work, some were unable to show up due to various reasons such as illness, and perhaps the most problematic of all is to let the group to absorb the idea fully. In the end, we compensated by working longer hours and lectured ourselves with notes. Alas, the presentation, to our pleasure, was successfully carried out, winning the ears, hearts and applauses of our audience.

Last but not least, I have learnt many from this cooperation: We worked as a team smoothly and crushed hardships like a proper legion-with tolerance, diligence and cooperation.

That is all of my sharing. Thank you.