RAC Morning Sharing
By Chan Chak Shing, Eric and Ho Cheuk Yin, Christopher

Eric (E): Good morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. Here is the RAC sharing.

Christopher(C): My name is Christopher.

E: And I am Eric Chan. Do you remember what have we done in our reading programme last year?

C: Of course! We've done a project about learning physics through Hollywood movie. We found a lot of science fictions. Parts of them are correct but also parts of them are wrong, ridiculous, that do not obey the physics law.

E: Yeah! Let's take superman as an example. After superman saved the astronaut, he talked to the astronaut in space. What? You don't know what's the matter with this? Huh? Okay, let me tell you. As you all know, it is vacuum in space. And there is nothing acts as a medium for sound travel. So, this is apparently not a good movie.

C: Besides Star War did a much better job than Superman. Most of us may think that the explosion in space is like a mushroom cloud. But! The real explosion in space will explode in all direction. Yeah, we've got mushroom cloud on earth. It is vacuum in space, no air compress the dust into mushroom shape. And so it will explode in all direction.

E: After we found the movie, we've combined it into three videos with explanation. We borrow three iPads from the school and showed these videos at the school hall. With our good preparation and creativity, we've got the most creative awards.

C: Yes! This is the fruit of our hard-work. Remember that we and our group mates found the movie on YouTube for a long time, when we found out the mistakes in the movie, we fell very excited. Also Eric, you've done a great job in presentation.

E: Yeah, thank you. And Christopher you made the three videos with simple but clear explanation, that impressed the judges.

C: Hey Eric! What did you learn and feel after doing this project?

E: Yeah! After doing this project, we've learnt that we shouldn't believe in what watch in science fictions and this project improves our English speaking and learnt many science theories!

C: We should use our knowledge to inspire our schoolmates, friends not to be fooled by everything they've seen.

E: Here, I'd like to thank our physics teacher, Mr. Yam and Mrs. Lam and also our English teacher Miss Chan, with my greatest thankfulness for giving us guidance. Thank you very much. And this is the end of this episodeā€¦ I mean sharing, thank you for your attention and bye~